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As the name would indicate, users might simply assume that it is a website for cricket fans, with all its content based around cricket. But that is most certainly not the case, this site offers streams of a variety of sports including football, baseball, basketball, and more. With a wide range of sports streams on offer, the users can use this site not just for cricket streams, but to stream other sports of their interest as well. There are a number of channels that the user can surf through, such as star sports, ten cricket, ten sports, BT sports, and more.

Why use it?

Apart from being one of the most popular streaming sites for sports, there is out there, the website also attracts millions of users and viewers per month. The stream quality, as the name suggests is HD, and is demanded and desired by any user who is looking for a free stream of their choice of content.


1. IPTV – it offers IPTV channel coverage for the users, and it is what makes the site highly desirable and preferred by most of its users. The coverage of channels allows the user to track and catch up on real-time action, with channels like BT Sport, ESPN, and more.

2. Coverage – the user can choose to stream from a wide range of sports on the site. With sports such as football, darts, basketball, cricket, and more available for the user to stream on any given day, it would not require the user to switch between different sites to watch their preferred sports on a daily basis.

3. User Interface – with a vertical header on the site, they have found more than one way to make CricHD stand out among other sites. This allows the sites to portray a wide array of content, without covering too much space on their pages. The vertical menus are divided into two different parts, the sports section, and the sports channel section.

4. Stream quality – the site offers multiple options to choose where the user may stream their favorite sport on. The quality of the stream is more concerned with the user’s internet speed to perform at an optimum level.

5. Schedule – the site also offers a schedule for the users to keep track of the different games and matches that might be around the horizon. There is information about the matches for the user to get a detailed understanding if they wish to.

How to access CricHD?

Accessing CricHD is quite easy and simple. The user can just type in the words ‘CricHD’ into their respective search engine and choose the relevant result to stream sports on this website.


1. Design – the organization of the content offered by the site has been mastered quite carefully. With so much information on offer, it does not take away anything from the site and makes it seem quite neat in its own way. The menu for the site is vertical and the navigation keys are included in the hero section as well.

2. Header – the logo of the site is not one of the appeals, but the rest of the items to pick up the gap. There is a search bar available for the user, which can be used to navigate to a particular stream.

3. Hero – the hero section is full of information and content that can be used by the users. It also contains a list of the channels that the user can choose to stream sports on. In the middle is the list of matches including other information such as league and time and more.

4. Inner pages – the inner pages of the site follow the same template and design. The only difference is in the middle section, where the user has access to a specific match. The user may also find details about the game and links to choose the stream.


CricHD offers some of the best and most premium sports content for a free website. Live streaming is one of the more common choices by users, but users can also check out different channels. The top channels are available for the user to browse through our BT Sport, ESPN, Star Sports, Ten cricket, ten sports, and much more. Some of the other sports that the user can stream are boxing, golf, hockey, and MotoGP among others including cricket.


This site is an excellent choice for any user and any device. It works well on both laptops and desktops as well as handheld devices such as mobiles and tablets. The site does have an ad system, which may make the experience a little less joyful and comfortable, but with time, the site will go on to become the user’s favored choice to stream sports on.


There are not many negatives that can be associated with CricHD. The only hindrance the user will experience are a few misclicks and ads, but beyond that, this site is capable of satisfying any user's content needs.