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Total Sportek

Many sports sites have been developing their content and improvising their site to best cater to the user’s needs. Some have turned to offer users detailed reports of matches of the sports and the different leagues and competitions as well as the teams competing. Some have turned to offer the users links to different streams which are hosted by third parties and information where they can be streamed for free or through premium subscriptions.

Total Sportek is a sports streaming website that offers more than just streams for viewers and users. They also cover articles on the site about the popular events surrounding the big teams and players for the users to read and stay updated as the event is in progress.

Why use it?

There may be several reasons why one would want to stream their favorite team’s fixtures and sporting events on this site. The site has a visually appealing design that is easy to navigate. They offer streams of the most popular sports and competitions, and the users can also read articles on the site to stay informed about the latest events surrounding their favorite teams and players.


1. Articles – among the many streaming sites that offer users free streams of sporting events and fixtures, very few offer content beyond that. There are plenty of viewers who like to read interesting information about their favorite teams and their players and enjoy the facts.

2. Content Covered – this site has some of the best competition coverage on offer. They cover sports that have fans all around the globe, and also offer streams of different competitions as well, such as football and competitions like the premier league, champions’ league, EFL championship, and much more.

3. Social plugs – viewers enjoy updates from their favorite teams and players on the respective socials. The site covers the Twitter feed and the latest posts from the different teams and players on the site which can be accessed by the viewers through the site as well.

4. Convenient Interface – the interface is simple and easy to navigate around. The different competitions and sports are listed neatly and are just one click away to stream the event.

How to access Total Sportek?

This site is easily accessible by the viewers. They need to type in the EPL site in their respective browsers and select the relevant site from the results displayed. Once on the site, they can choose their stream and enjoy the match.


1. Design – the design of the site is really impressive. They have used the black and white combination in a very strong fashion, as they bring out the best in the site and make the site much more appealing to viewers and new users. They have not filled the pages with information and have spread the site without covering every inch of the page.

2. Header – the header contains the logo of the site on the left side. Below the header, the user can access the thumbnails of the different sports that are available to stream on the site like football, MMA, cricket, F1, and others.

3. Body – the body contains two sections, the fixture list, and the articles section. The fixture list contains the fixture of the different sports in their respective thumbnail. Besides the fixture list, the users can access the different articles pertaining to the teams and competitions covered on the site and under the sport.

4. Inner pages – the inner page contains the links to the stream of the site in the top half of the page. In the bottom half of the page, the viewers can access the social feed of the teams which they are about to stream and the latest posts by the teams respectively.


The site covers some of the most popular sports around the globe that are demanded by users to stream. With extensive coverage of the biggest sports and competitions, this site can satisfy the needs of almost every user who logs on to the site to stream. Some of the sports covered are football, cricket, MMA, basketball, baseball, boxing, and much more.

Some of the competitions covered by the site are Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, UFC, La Liga, and EFL Championship as well as international matches between nations.


The streams on this site are seamless and offer a comfortable experience throughout the stream. The experience of the site is relatively similar on both mobile and desktop. The site looks and feels like a premium site, and the users are treated to premium visual design and content.


The site can be described as premium. This site feels like any other premium site, but without the subscription required by the users. They offer some of the most demanded content by the users and provide the users with high-quality streams for the fixtures and events.